5 reasons why we are fan of connecting through writing

In life there are 4 essential language skills, being speaking, reading, writing and listening. Speaking and listening are clearly linked to each other, e.g. in conversations, whereby the listening part is most challenging, definitely if you really want to understand the other. In fact, out of the 4 skills, it might be the most difficult to really master. Reading and writing are also linked to each other, and here we want to demonstrate our love for writing, in particular for the sometimes overlooked added value of writing letters to each other. Letters can come in many forms, can be hand-written or typed, can have a wide range of content, can be to others but also to yourself, can be a manifesto or contain resolutions though can also be very funny or romantic. By means of 5 reasons we will evidence why writing is a good way to connect with each other.

1. Writing letters to each other demonstrates how much you care 

Writing a letter takes courage, time and effort. Courage, because these days writing to each other is rather the exception and people will be surprised to receive a letter. It could be perceived as weird or strange at first sight. Do you remember when you received for the last time in your mailbox, between the invoices and advertising, a letter written by someone to yourself? Writing a letter takes also time, considering that it is likely that you will need to start over, to strike through, to erase. Or even worse, you might face a writer’s block, and struggle to clearly formulate your thoughts and message. Writing also takes effort compared to calling or texting, but it is an effort well spent and a clear sign of deep caring.

2. Writing helps to connect the dots 

In spoken conversations it can be challenging to clearly formulate and structure your thoughts. Often in the heat of the moment you cannot clearly enough express your feelings and your message gets wrongly interpreted. Putting things on paper can help to gain deeper insight and take away ‘noise’ in the communication. It helps to connect your own dots, but also those of the reader. It provides time to digest the information, to put away the letter and pick it back up, to re-read.

3. Writing to your kids enhances the relationship

Have you ever considered writing a letter to your kids? If not, you should really give it a try, both on more serious topics (e.g. education) as on funny or more light topics (e.g. clarifying why you love them so much). Writing to your kids is also a very good starting point to practice because you can keep it short, and most important, it should be very clear (definitely the younger your kids are). They will be amazed finding a little note under their pillow.

What is most interesting, is when your kids reply to your letter in writing. The way they do so (in their proper childish language) is often extremely funny and heart-warming. For them it is good exercising and it will make them feel important.

4. Writing is a very good exercise for yourself

Writing forces you to be creative, one of the more value-adding characteristics these days, and pushes you to wander around in your1 own mind and brain archive. In fact, just like reading, in the long term, writing will keep you mentally fit.

When you envisage writing a letter, don’t be too demanding for yourself, rather keep the bar low and aspire to be playful, without too many expectations, and you will see that your creative flow will very soon appear.

5. Letters are forever

Many of us have read once ‘memoires’ of someone and such writings are often a lovely way to transfer memories, experiences, knowledge, insights, or history from one person to another, or even from one generation to another. Keeping your letters can offer warm moments for the future, for when you re-read them, with your kids or beloved ones. You will be amazed when doing some re-reading after some years to see how the ‘zeitgeist’ rapidly can change nowadays.

Putting a message in writing makes it also more sticky and therefore can provide support or comfort in moments when you need it.

As you can notice, we are true lovers of writing letters. The good thing about writing is that it is free to produce, but that the output often is priceless. You can do it everywhere and it is a good alternative when sitting in the doctor’s waiting room or in a train. We are convinced that this enhances your communication and brings your quality of connection and relationships to the next level. What about yourself, do you take up the pen to write your beloved ones?